Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 20 - Clouds

There are two things about this 30 Day Photo-a-Day Social Media Challenge that I've found to be beneficial: I'm being consistent in posting and it's forcing me to shoot subjects that I wouldn't normally stop to photograph.

I'm not a big cloud chaser. After 13 years and 9 months spent in TV news, I have a hearty disdain for inclement weather. I don't look at clouds an see bunnies or Abe Lincoln's head or flying pigs... I hear the phone ringing and my former boss' voice saying "Cancel your plans! We're going wall to wall today..."

I was not looking forward to today's challenge because of that. But then I just looked up and saw the clouds. I can image Eric Thomas or Al Conklin or Kelly Franson at WBTV explaining them in all their scientific glory. But now I think I see a flying pig in those clouds...

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