Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 14 - What's In Your Bag?

I taught an Intro to DSLR class at the Light Factory this morning, so my camera bag is in disarray. I usually just pull what I need for the day's lesson and put everything into a secondary bag. It's kind of paranoid, but that way if I'm robbed, I don't lose all my equipment and have to go through the trouble of replacing it. I'm very attached to my stuff.

So I chose to shoot my purse... That's right gentlemen, I am revealing some of the mysteries of a woman's handbag! These are my life tools!

Of course I carry a camera (the Olumpus PEN PL-2 micro 4/3s), a flashlight, wallet, business cards, earphones, cough drops, phone charger, mirror, collapsible hairbrush (courtesy of my mom), Advil and allergy pills, lip balm, girl stuff... And there are usually wadded up gas station receipts but I actually cleaned those out this morning before leaving the house.

In short, it's my survival bag.

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