Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Getting Where You're Supposed to Be....

I've always second-guessed myself concerning my career. Especially when I've had to veer off what I considered the "right" path. But allowing myself to be flexible led me to discover my love of teaching photography.

Now I get to discover what I probably should have done before now... Take a summer class in Marketing. I'm not such a great business person --- it's a different set of math skills. But I know it's something that will benefit me. So the only kicking & screaming that occurred was when I found out how much the course text cost ($100+ for an eBook?.... Maybe I'm going about this wrong!).

But it's all good and I am finally totally signed up for my Principles of Marketing class at Queens University this summer. Of course, I threw in a course studying Alfred Hitchcock just for fun.

I read somewhere (not the internet) that when you learn, the brain develops more wrinkles. Well then! Here's to a really wrinkled brain!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Little Texture

I love trees. I love their majesty. I love their function in the natural world. I love the wide variety that can be found in their bark.

Although, sometimes I have to remind myself to stop and admire the things I enjoy most. 

All the worrying I've been mired in for the past year has helped to prevent me from letting myself enjoy some of those simple things I love. I think I haven't felt worthy of joy. When your world is disintegrating, it's easy to feel like it's warranted. But it's not.... not really. It's just life. And remembering that you are supposed to feel joy as well as pain is sometimes hard.

And that's what brings me to the texture in this tree. Hills & valleys.... AKA: Texture. It's rough, but it can also be beautiful.

Just rambling on a Tuesday afternoon....

Monday, April 28, 2014

Once More, With Feeling...

Egads! It's been too long since my last post!

As always, life can tend to get in the way. But after uncertain circumstances, things seem to looking up. I'm teaching more than ever... and at more places! I am far enough into the creation of my "Intro to DSLR" book that the writing of the s*^~ draft is almost complete and I can start shooting examples. I have been able to pick up new clients and maintain most of my favorite old ones. 
I finally seem to be getting the upper hand with my scheduling and am therefore able to book more gigs. I'm even signed up to take a couple of courses at Queens University this summer (yes, I enjoy getting to be a student as well sometimes!).

I might actually be on the upswing.

I even have a couple of new photo series percolating about in my brain! The positive momentum is a pleasant reward to sticking to it.

So here's to moving forward! I'll be posting and writing more articles on everything from the basics of photography and creativity to lambasting my muse when she refuses to get out of bed to even just posting the random image of beauty.

Andiamo babies!

"Power Up and Transform, Baby!"

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I'm welcoming the NewYear as most Southerners do --- by fixing one of the many versions of Hoppin' John as a significant meal.

The meal consists of black-eyed peas (for prosperity), greens (I prefer to promote my financial gains with spinach), rice (because you just have to have a starch) and some country ham for flavor (because pigs represent positive motion when they forage). I'll probably break down and thrown in some cornbread just because it tastes good.

Yes, I know I'm speaking in stupidstitions, but that's OK. This is one of the traditions that my family has enjoyed for years. Besides, it's all healthy. And I'll write out my goals and dreams and resolutions as I eat so I can remember where I want my life to go in March when I start feeling overwhelmed.

So... Happy New Year y'all! I wish us all a wonderful year in 2013!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Double Exposure

I've always been fascinated by double exposures... I usually get them as happy little accidents as opposed to well-planned, intentional images. It's kind of a relief from trying to control everything in a picture.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Analogue for a Wednesday

If it hasn't become obvious yet, I am smitten with low-fi cameras. And it's inspiring me... Playing with my Holga and BelAir has gotten me seeing the way I used to see when I only had a film camera. I'm more purposeful... really thinking through the shot before I even look through the viewfinder... being equally conservative and gutsy. I'm getting back to my street-shooting self. Even when I'm out in a field.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve Y'all!

I'm just finishing up some experimenting with some new-to-me cameras before I take some time to play with family... I am getting some interesting results with the Bel-Air X 6X12. I have a feeling there's a lot of operator error going on, but I kind of like the results. I used my stand-by film, Ilford Delta 100, shot one roll with the wide angle lens in 6X6 format and shot the other roll with the normal 90mm lens in 6X9 format.

I got quite a bit of unintended (but welcome) double exposure action going on. I'll keep testing it... probably to the annoyance of my family members. So far, I'm loving the surprise results.

Whatever you celebrate, I wish you all good cheer and peace...