Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve Y'all!

I'm just finishing up some experimenting with some new-to-me cameras before I take some time to play with family... I am getting some interesting results with the Bel-Air X 6X12. I have a feeling there's a lot of operator error going on, but I kind of like the results. I used my stand-by film, Ilford Delta 100, shot one roll with the wide angle lens in 6X6 format and shot the other roll with the normal 90mm lens in 6X9 format.

I got quite a bit of unintended (but welcome) double exposure action going on. I'll keep testing it... probably to the annoyance of my family members. So far, I'm loving the surprise results.

Whatever you celebrate, I wish you all good cheer and peace...

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