Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Getting Where You're Supposed to Be....

I've always second-guessed myself concerning my career. Especially when I've had to veer off what I considered the "right" path. But allowing myself to be flexible led me to discover my love of teaching photography.

Now I get to discover what I probably should have done before now... Take a summer class in Marketing. I'm not such a great business person --- it's a different set of math skills. But I know it's something that will benefit me. So the only kicking & screaming that occurred was when I found out how much the course text cost ($100+ for an eBook?.... Maybe I'm going about this wrong!).

But it's all good and I am finally totally signed up for my Principles of Marketing class at Queens University this summer. Of course, I threw in a course studying Alfred Hitchcock just for fun.

I read somewhere (not the internet) that when you learn, the brain develops more wrinkles. Well then! Here's to a really wrinkled brain!

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