Monday, April 30, 2012


I knew I had more cameras...

After my recent barrage of camera related posts, I found where I had been "hiding" the old CanoSound super 8 film camera. I got a little giddy when I saw that there was still a film cartridge loaded inside. I figured, "What the heck..." and pulled the trigger. Of course nothing happened. So I opened the battery compartment.

I'd like to say I paused for a moment of silence when I saw the battery corrosion... but there was expletive. I was not happy with myself as this was my own fault for not removing the batteries before storing it. I probably thought "It won't be THAT long before I shoot with this again..."

Ah... best laid plans. They do tend to lie around and gather dust.

Since I didn't think I could do any more damage to it --- I mean really, at this point it's just a cool, retro paperweight --- I set about cleaning the battery compartment. I scraped the corrosion off and then cleaned it with white vinegar. I am currently waiting for everything to completely dry.

If it works cool! If not, I'll kick myself and go on. In any event, I think I'll go remove batteries from anything that is not being used.

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