Sunday, April 22, 2012

Camera Number Twelve

I was one of those Luddites who did not immediately buy into the digital imaging age. I had shot film since I was 15. I reveled in its simplicity. I adored the poetry of the analog image.

And then I attended Joyce Tenneson's Intimate Portraits workshop in Rockport, Maine. I was using my second-hand medium format camera and started having issues with one of the film backs while we were out shooting.
We had a very smart Canon rep hanging out with our class for the week. He told me that he used to be a rep for Bronica, the manufacturer of my medium format camera. He offered to see what was wrong with it.

As I handed him my camera, he handed me a 1D Mark something or other and said "Why don't you play with this while I fix yours?"

I bought my Canon 5D three weeks later. I love it. It's solid. It had more buttons than I knew what to do with... But I could shoot in color AND black and white. And I can not only get clients their images faster --- if the shoot is not going well, I can show them what I've got and we can fix it together right then without having to do a re-shoot.

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