Thursday, April 26, 2012


Getting back to my personal photo-a-day challenge...

My brother started something one year for Christmas... He made luxurious pen and pencil sets for quite a few people in the family. He turns the wood himself. He's actually quite the lathe enthusiast.

Notice that I said "quite a few" instead of "everyone"? We have a large family and cranking out that many small pieces of art is tough for one craftsman. So the rest of us had to wait until the next Christmas. He even came up with a really cool way of crafting the pen he made for our mother (he is, after all, a good and smart son).

The best thing about his project is the passion he has for woodworking. All you have to do is ask him what wood he used and his eyes light up and he will tell you the story of the wood... where he found it it, what it's commonly used for, any special handling he did to accomplish exposing the best grain.

That is the mark of a true craftsman --- the journey in creating something is just as important and the end result.

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