Thursday, April 19, 2012

Camera Number Nine

It almost seemed a little, well, sacrilegious to shoot my favorite portrait camera with an iPhone but I'm going with a theme right now.

I bought the Bronica SQ-Ai used at Biggs Camera in Charlotte, NC. It came complete with the body, the 80mm lens, the viewfinder, and one film back. Normally those elements are all sold separately so I was glad to snag it all in one place.

I loved the fact that it shoots square negatives/images. I took it to the Maine Media Workshops when I took a fine art portraiture class with Joyce Tenneson. There were three of us in the class shooting medium format film. That's actually where I was introduced to the digital camera I use now.

But the Bronnie is still my favorite portrait camera. It's solid and boxy and you have to hold it a certain way but there is a romance to shooting with it.

I think I need to go find a roll of 120...

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