Monday, September 12, 2011

Seeing a Little Differently

I started visiting Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in 2010 because I needed a second field trip for my Intro to DSLR students when my classes ran for 8 weeks instead of 6 weeks.
I decided that first trip that I would limit myself to one lens. I chose my Lensbaby because, quite frankly, I needed to practice with it. On subsequent trips, I even limited myself to one aperture.
I didn't necessarily make these initial choices based purely on creative criteria --- I never like weighing myself down with too much equipment.
My laziness in lugging stuff does however benefit me creatively! Limiting myself on available equipment forces me to rely on those technical aspects and fit myself and my subject into those parameters... Kind of like in college when my costume design professor assigned our class the task of designing costumes for Romeo & Juliet using only two colors. The limits worked for that class and I believe those limits still work for other creative endeavors.

I've actually got enough of a visual theme from that experimentation that I now have a fresh floral series. I've started editing it and plan to post it on my main website within the next couple of weeks.

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