Monday, May 7, 2012

The Process

It's been way too long since I've shot purely for my own pleasure.

Don't get me wrong... I love making images for other people! But sometimes you have to feed your own creative beast. And that's what I got to do on Sunday...

I took three cameras --- the Holga, my Olympus OM-1, and my micro 4/3s camera --- and hit one of the greenways here in Charlotte. It was incredibly hot and the bugs were out in force, but I had a great time.

I finished up a roll of Ilford Delta 3200 film in my OM-1. I loaded and shot two expired rolls of Kodak Portra 160 in the Holga. I only pulled out the digital when I was out of film.

I found two other mystery rolls of film at home. All five rolls will be going to Biggs Camera today.
Now it's kind of like waiting on Christmas.... I have an idea of what I might get, but the element of surprise is there. I could get back a big mess or, even worse, find out I loaded the cameras wrong. Or I could get back little frames of magic. I won't know for maybe a week... and that's one of the coolest parts of this whole creative process.

When you set out to make something, if you are 100% positive of what the outcome will be, then you are in production mode. But when you let yourself explore, then you get to create something...

I'll let you see what I managed to create once the film comes back.

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