Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just Different

I took what I thought was a daring plunge several years ago... at least it was daring for a visual artist. I had my eyes "fixed" with PRK surgery. It's similar to LASIK but they deal with your cornea differently (I won't gross you out...).

I had a fantastic doctor and the surgery was a success! I went from having to always wear glasses to 20/15 vision. It was marvelous! I ignored the doctor's comments of "Now you'll probably still need reading glasses in a few years..." I thought "No way! My eyes have been fixed!"

It's been a few years. I have to wear reading glasses, just like he said. It's a bummer. I've become one of hose people who stashes reading glasses around the house like a squirrel stashes nuts.

I am that stereotype.

It's changed my perception of things... Not just visually, but philosophically. I don't really feel old, but my 20-year-old self would think of me as old. I am progressing as others before me have progressed. I am starting to mourn little things that I cannot do or have anymore.

Am I sounding morose? I'm not really feeling that way. I just wish I could look at things close up still...

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