Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy World Photography Day

Today is World Photography Day...
To celebrate, I'm posting an image that I don't think I've ever posted before, even though it's one of my favorites.
I shot this back in 2005 with my Olympus OM-1, the camera that I learned to shoot with... my first "real" camera. I worked as a camp counselor one summer to earn the money to buy this particular camera and I still use it to this day. I think I've got a roll of Ilford Delta 3200 film in it right now that I need to finish off.
I thought this image would be appropriate because I shot it in Paris. On this date, 172 years ago, the French government proclaimed the invention of the Daguerreotype by Louis Daguerre as a "Gift Free to the World".
There's some controversy about whether the Daguerreotype or the Calotype (discovered by William Fox Talbot) was first. For my part, I'm just glad these people were up for experimentation.

Thank you gentlemen... and all the other photographers I've been priveleged to learn from as well.

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