Friday, March 25, 2011

An Oldie but a Goodie... The Friday Photo

I decided sometime ago to post random images on Fridays.... giving no explanation as to what they were or where they were taken. I'm diverging from that goal today.

I shot this image several years ago when I was in Paris. I was still shooting film regularly and was quite frustrated with my work. I decided to treat myself by giving in to the tourist in me and devoting some time to shoot my own interpretation of the Eiffel Tower.
What makes me proud of this shot --- besides the fact that capturing it helped re-energize my creativity --- was the fact that I captured the bird as it was. It is not an edited shot. I saw the pigeon land on the planter and waited for what seemed like five full minutes for it to fly off. I even resisted the urge to toss a pebble in it's direction to force it into flight so I could keep walking.

I'm getting ready to add Intermediate DSLR classes to my teaching roster at the Light Factory. I think I may introduce the students to some of the old school ways of shooting to really give them command of their equipment.

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