Thursday, August 9, 2012

What I Did This Summer...

Sometimes you just hit a creative rut. I think that's what happened to me earlier this summer. I was not really "feeling" creative. I would go through the motions but everything I did left me feeling like a fraud. I hated it all.

Then an opportunity presented itself to me --- I signed up for a graphic design course at Queens University in Charlotte, NC. It presented the chance for me to try my hand at something other than photography.

So every Tuesday evening for the past couple of months had me heading home energized with new thoughts and ideas and methods. I love pictograms and even have some that i created on I got to tinker with Adobe Illustrator. And I discovered a few things about how I look at the world. Some of it surprised me. Some of it confounded me. But it all helped clear my cloudy vision.

Hopefully within the next year I'll be able to weave more of the design principals into my other work... Until then, I'm just waiting to find out what grade I earned.

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