Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Creativity Conduit

There are many different ways to express your creativity. Luckily, how we harness and share that is determined mainly by us --- the creative people.

I never would have made the connection between Kevin Clash, an attractive 50 year old African American man, and some yardage of red, furry fabric. But the man has put his voice to that fabric and is able to touch millions (warning… this video made me cry joy tears). I’m sharing this link with you because it just made my day. I admire the man for his ability to touch hearts and funny-bones simultaneously.

As visual artists, we have tons of choices to help us express ourselves. It always torques me when I hear someone telling someone else, “You should be using this method” or “You aren’t a serious artist because you aren’t using this medium”… If it gets your message across, it’s art. Period. A big, slurpy raspberry to those who say otherwise!

Okay, that last bit is my childish way of battling my inner critics. It can be lonely exploring a new avenue of creativity. What if it doesn’t represent your voice? What if it doesn’t convey any message at all?

I keep dipping my toes in different mediums to see what comes out. Some experiments have been successful. They usually garner me financial gain or some sort of prestige. Some experiments have not been successful. Those are the ones that have gifted me with that emotional joyride. And to be totally honest, I can’t begrudge them. Ultimately, they are my own, however uncomfortable they are.

It’s time again for me to try to push myself into the uncomfortable realm of the potentially unsuccessful. The call has gone out for the Light Factory’s 4th Juried Annuale. Maybe I’ll put Elmo up in the studio for some inspiration.

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