Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Studio of Her Own

When it comes to creative spaces, I think my spirit animal must be that of a wren. I have been known to set up my "studio" in the middle of a street (because the light was right) as well as various open spaces in my own home. My flower portrait series is currently being shot in front of my television... which makes enjoying the evening mysteries and reality TV antics a little tricky. Plus, I have to keep an eye out for my "assistant".
The original plan --- before the economy tanked --- was for me to work and establish myself so in a couple of years I could afford a studio space that could be dedicated solely to my photography. I'm still working on that. And I have met several other photographers who have studio space to rent out when I absolutely have to have a studio.

But I still have a romantic longing for my own creative space.

And then I saw this article on the JPG magazine website --- an inflatable studio. Available in two sizes!

I can't really imagine that I would set this up anywhere... I mean, really, where would I hang the sign? But it is amusing and shows ingenuity and it made me smile. And it's relatively inexpensive, so who knows. Maybe it would be just perfect for my own space.

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