Sunday, October 4, 2009

Night Shoot in Uptown Charlotte... October Edition

I took my Intro to Photography class out for their night shoot field trip last night. Always fun!
The weather was perfect. No rain anywhere to be found.

I think I'm going to be sticking to the uptown area from now on... I don't seem to have as much drama when I stay close to the buildings and the cool ambient light. The only "problems" I had last night were a) getting to know the new camera body I had just picked up (had to reset all the custom functions that the previous owner had set) and b) not heeding my own advice and having fresh and/or extra batteries on hand (bad teacher, bad teacher).

It was funny... We had many more people stopping and asking what we were doing than normal. And 2 of my students ran into people they knew.

Of course it wasn't as exciting as last session
when we went out onto the bridge on Central Avenue for the skyline shot. Five minutes after we made it onto the bridge, a wreck happened right underneath us.
The driver was alright (I think NASCAR needs to recruit her because she kept her car from rolling over) and then we ended up with all the emergency vehicles stopped right where we were....

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