Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I'm welcoming the NewYear as most Southerners do --- by fixing one of the many versions of Hoppin' John as a significant meal.

The meal consists of black-eyed peas (for prosperity), greens (I prefer to promote my financial gains with spinach), rice (because you just have to have a starch) and some country ham for flavor (because pigs represent positive motion when they forage). I'll probably break down and thrown in some cornbread just because it tastes good.

Yes, I know I'm speaking in stupidstitions, but that's OK. This is one of the traditions that my family has enjoyed for years. Besides, it's all healthy. And I'll write out my goals and dreams and resolutions as I eat so I can remember where I want my life to go in March when I start feeling overwhelmed.

So... Happy New Year y'all! I wish us all a wonderful year in 2013!